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If you have an outdated version of Biosmart-Studio installed starting from v5.5, you can upgrade to the current version through several intermediate versions.
Make sure to backup your database before updating!


  • It's importmant to restore from a backup to the version of the studio from which the copy was made;
  • After restoring, install the studio over the restored database!

The update is performed over the installed version, i.e. no uninstallation required. Also, before updating, it's recommended to disable the antivirus and firewall.
Links to intermediate versions:

5.6.5 х86 

5.6.5 х64

5.7.5 х86

5.7.5 х64

5.8.4 х86 

5.8.4 х64 

5.9.5 х86

5.9.5 х64 

5.10.9 x86

5.10.9 x64 

* Upgrading to Biosmart-Studio 6 version is also from version 5.10.x, but a license for version 6 is required.

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